Most foreign workers doing training are violating Title 8

It is illegal under Title 8, Section 1182 of US law for ANY foreign
national to enter the US for purposes of skilled or unskilled work
unless Americans cannot be found who have those skills AND the entry of
the foreign national to the US will not adversely affect the wages and
working conditions of Americans similarly employed.

Right now there are tens of millions of skilled Americans without jobs.
So it is illegal for ANY foreign national to enter the US for work of
any kind right now.

In addition, if there are skilled American workers available (and there
are – we invented Silicon Valley) – then it is illegal for foreign
workers to enter.

If the workers come in on skilled work visas of any kind – and they
don’t ALREADY have the skills claimed, then they are comitting visa fraud.

I don’t know where Indians got the idea that H-1B, H4, OPT etc are some
kind of open mass immigration program – they’re not. In most cases they
are breaking the law, especially if they are training foreign workers in
the US.

Indians were supposed to be here for Y2K TEMPORARILY and then leave. Why
are tens of millions of them now occupying OUR jobs that we built with
OUR skills, long before they came here.

Silicon Valley was built by college dropouts and hippies. No one ever
did any “training” back when we built it. We already had those skills.

Most Indians are breaking the law in the US under Title 8. Go read the
law Subsection 1182. It’s all there, very clear. Indians need to build
India, instead if replacing Americans in job in the US – which is illegal.