More immigrants moving into Trump states instead of expensive cities in blue states

That’s right. Call it racist or not, but they sniff out the good life white Americans have built for themselves, move in, kick them out, takeover, then change demographics.

And they are dead serious about their agenda.

Anyone who tells you white people are not being targetted for replacement is lying.

Immigrants hate white Americans and want them replaced + removed at all costs.


If you go against them, they will simply move to where you are, break up your unity, take over, and kick you out.

The goal in this case is to eliminate any voting districts which are white and vote for Trump.

Who are the real racists?

Once again, weaponized immigration is being used to target white Americans.

This explains, among other things, India Inc’s recent push into AZ which is predominantly still white.

“White enclaves” simply will not be allowed to exist.

Note the “red states” have “strong labor markets“, according to the article.

Wait….. all those tens of millions of immigrants to the other states were supposed to keep those economies booming. You mean they didn’t? Looks like today’s immigrants are just parasites – and now want the red states’ jobs too.

America makes, the world takes has never been more true.