Wipro sues Analog Devices for alleged breach of contract

Wipro, which has been sued countless times for failed projs, is taking a new approach: suing the comapnies that hire them.

It takes some real chutzpah to hype your “Digital transformation” song and dance bullshit, rope in some US companies, then sue them.

Any US exec who hires Wipro for IT is out of their minds.

There is nothing criminal defamer Azim Premji and his looting business school genius son Rashid won’t try to pull off.

These people are looting conmen in expensive suits with good PR firms – and nothing more.

Analog Devices found out they were being scammed, shitcanned the company, and didn’t want to pay for work not performed. Now the Wipro crime family is suing them.

Try actually performing the contract, you thieves.