True Gatuam Fan is racist + at it again

You may recall last year when the rabid Indian racist True Gatuam Fan on Twitter was called out on for his mass anti-white racism.

Now he’s back and this time he exposes the true takeover agenda of the Indian Mafia operating in the US.

These people are not here to help us – they are here to take over and take our country from us. A silent full-scale invasion.

The clown even went so far as to say “Indians built America” – which of course is impossible since they have only been in the US in large numbers for a little over 20 years – since the H-1B visa caps were increased in 1998,

More lies, as usual, from the viscious Indian Mafia, but his comments betray their true agenda in our country.

Rightfully yours? How do you figure that? White + black people spent 500 years building America before you parasites ever set foot in it. You’ve only been here 22 years and in that time, America has become nothing but a bankrupt disaster. You don’t deserve America, because when Americans let you in, you didn’t perform as promised.

The only thing you deserve is to be ejected.