Yahoo: ‘Fewer than 5% of engineers trained in India are cut out for high-skill programming jobs’

Even mainstream Yahoo! now realizes how badly India has been conning the US for the past 20 years.

India is a giant sham. A scam of an economy based entirely on looting other countries backed up by enormous amounts of PR from its IT lobbying body, NASSCOM.

Millions of these faking frauds are looting us blind and destroying our industries.

India is one giant fake.

Guess the India Inc Boeing 737 MAX disaster has finally woken the MSM up. Let’s have a round of applause for the MSM. You get a gold star for telling the truth for once.

“The IT industry requires maintainable code so that it is less prone to bugs, is readable, reusable and extensible,” the study notes. “Time efficient code runs fast.” Only 1.4% of programmers surveyed could create code that was functionally correct and efficient, meaning it does what it’s supposed to do and in a reliable and speedy manner”.