Kumar Exclusive gets info on fake paychecks, fake W2’s, fake I-9’s, OPT, etc

“Awareness Post: yesterday recruiters’ brothers and sisters messaged Kumar on how to complain to #USCIS of their company (staffing AKA bodyshops) do not pay salaries to recruiters and #h1b, F1 employees? The companies produced fake paychecks, fake W2s, fake i-9 and shutdown website, opened another website (people call it as company but it’s a just website for bodyshops costs $100+). CRIME NEVER ENDS. The problem with these recruiters in India, they faked their names to Americans and forged CEO signature though CEO is dummy or does not exit physically in many cases. Average each body shops evaded salaries or taxes $1.9 million.  That is why Chowdary and Reddy bodyshops owners threatened Kumar in TDP(KAMMA) YSRCP(REDDY) politicians’ meetings in New Jersey and Michigan etc. Kumar gives damn to these criminals.

For anyone victims of Indian criminal h1B mafia, just email:

If you could email with the evidence, Kumar will make a video on it without disclose your name send the copy to US Government. Do not worry, USA is like India, do not execute your ex. CEO on the spot. It takes time and you do not get paid immediately but not reporting crime is also crime. Since your part of the crime, better turned as approver rather than live in depression just like Fake OPT CPT Telugu Indian students who often poach Americans jobs through fake and felonies and mourn in depression if employers (aka human trafficking agents) do not pay salaries $45K”.


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