Michelle Malkin exposes the myth of H-1B job creation

Of course H-1B does not create jobs. America has lost 30 million jobs to India and China in the past 20 years – namely because H-1B replaces American workers who built all our great tech companies, and it is an industrial spy program to let foreign industrial spies into our companies to steal our trade secrets and move our jobs and industries overseas.

Stuart Anderson @ Forbes, of course, is a former immigration lawyer.

H-1B allows foreign industrial thieves like Dhivya Suryadevara into great US companies such as GM – so they can steal our manufacturing tech and move it back to their own countries.

“Every day brings new headlines, ignored by the Washington press corps, of U.S. workers losing their livelihoods to cheap H1-B visa replacements.

Just this week, Computerworld reported: “Fury and fear in Ohio as IT jobs go to India.”

Yet, it remains an article of faith among Big Business flacks and Beltway hacks that H-1B not only protects American jobs, but also fuels miraculous job growth”.

The thieves move in, American layoffs ensue, then the mfg. shows up in other countries.

Not hard to figure out.

Not only do H-1Bs steal jobs and move them to other countries, they actually destroy US companies such as Apple with their crappy work.

One need look no further than the iOS 13 disaster, which happened just a few years after Apple filled up with loads of H-1B incompetent Indian software engineers.

Better think twice about it, Sparky.