Reavling article exposes India’s true intent: get skills in US, grab remittances

This article is a real eye opener: far from “contributing to America’s economy” Indians come to the US for 2 reasons: to get US skills to take back to Inda, and to get dollar remittances into the country.

We’re being siphoned + robbed, people.

“India began demanding a multilateral regime for the ‘movement of natural persons’, as skilled labour export came to be called. This is no brain drain, argued some economists. India is creating a ‘brain bank’ from which it can draw hard currency in the form of remittances. Then we went a step further. Both former prime minister Manmohan Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have spoken about ‘brain drain’ in fact being ‘brain gain’, since the emigrating Indian would return both better skilled and better off, and would contribute to India’s development”.