‘Former Boeing manager refuses to fly on the 787 Dreamliner

No one wants to fly on Boeing’s India-Inc ruined deathtrap anymore.

Most of the Dreamliner fails, which nearly killed Boeing can be traced to India Inc outsourcing – including a failed ES which the FAA refused to approve.

In fact, FAA banned HCL, an India Inc contractor from ever working on the plane again.

In response, India Incs got their agents into the FAA to approve all future work.

This was years ago.

The 737 MAX crashes were a result.

When Indian Mafia is involved, you take your life in your hands.

As a footnote, 787 has some of the most uncomfortable seats in the air – hard metal frames, with almost no cushion padding, and much smaller than even the 737 seats. All to cut weight + save $ on fuel. Try sitting in one on a 10-hour flight as the seat wrenches + digs into your body.

“This source told me that the software that controls the ES was developed by HCL Technologies — a $2 billion (2008 revenues) Indian software company that worked with Boeing and its partners on the 787 and won Boeing’s Gold Performance Excellence Award in February 2009. He spoke with colleagues at United Technologies (UTX) division — Hamilton Sundstrand (HS) — which was the ES’s primary contractor.

His ES colleagues told him that the Designated Engineering Representative (DER) — a SWAT team of top engineers that tests aircraft software against rigorous standards — and the FAA refused to certify the work HCL did and told HS to start over — without HCL. Several of my source’s colleagues joined HS at the end of 2008 in an effort to rewrite the software”.

That appears to not be the case, Ms. GolBERG.