DXC Technology which received large incentives to create jobs in New Orleans plans to hire foreign workers

Another swindle.

Take the $ and run.

The execs no doubt will pocket the savings by hiring cheap foreign labor.

You may recall the dreaded DXC Technology recently got a new CEO (Mike Salvino) and laid off all its American workforce. There are even photos inside DXC Technology showing mostly Indian nationalsa violation of EEOC laws. Not to mention Title 8 of US immigration laws.

Grants, piles of state cash, and fake companies never producing any products, are the biggest scam going – aside from students visas, possibly.

$100 million bucks for creating 300+ jobs? What a ripoff.

Wonder how much Mike is paying himself.

Nice little racket.

Jobs not for New Orleanians, but for more H-1B job robbers. These jobs never go to Americans. Ever. Maybe 1-2 token Americans for the PR photo shown below. That’s it.

Why isn’t the CEO of DXC being held accountable?

“Digital transformation” is codeword for looting.

Trump, DHS, ICE, USCIS – crickets, as usual.

Are you ever going to actually enforce the law or not Mr. Trump?

As this photo shows, DXC Technology is in violation of EEOC rules, Title 8 of Federal law, and the Civil Rights Act – by nature of its 90% Indian workforce.

“When DXC Technology, a multinational IT firm, opened up shop on Poydras Street last year, both the mayor and the governor were there to cut the ribbon on a new Digital Transformation Center.

In a rigorous competition for this Fortune 500 company’s largest Digital Transformation Center, our state succeeded because we offer an extraordinary city in its Tricentennial year and an exceptional higher education partnership,” Governor John Bel Edwards said in a May 2018 statement.

The company is scheduled to receive over $100 million in grants and incentives from the state and city in exchange for creating 300 jobs a year over the next six years. That includes $25 million for the state’s largest ever higher-education investment for a private workforce, according to a statement from the governor’s office.

This newly formed IT services company will create thousands of job opportunities for New Orleanians, adding to our rapidly growing digital economy,” then-Mayor Mitch Landrieu said in 2017, when the deal was announced.

But over the next two years, they filed more than 150 documents asking for federal approval to hire workers from overseas.

According to a Lens review of data from the U.S. Department of Labor, DXC has filed 152 applications for H-1B visas for foreign workers in New Orleans in the last fiscal year. Some of the applications were for up to 24 employees, but it’s not clear how many DXC is actually trying to hire”.

The company pledged to hire 300 employees at around $63,000 per year. A DXC spokesman told The Advocate the average salary exceeded this goal, but declined to explain why its payroll didn’t match“.

From the evidence shown in the photo, it’s clear they’re hiring almost all Indians – something that is totally illegal under several US laws.

$63,000 is half the prevailing wage for STEM professionals – which means DXC is in violation of H-1B hiring laws. All those Indian workers shown in the photo are working in the US illegally. It’s illegal to even import them if the prevailing wage isn’t paid.

One has to wonder where the difference between the grants and the payroll actually went. But it’s not hard to imagine.

Mike Salvino needs to be prosecuted for Federal violations now. What he and DXC are doing is illegal.

As a tiny footnote, one of DXC’s execs used to work at Sun Microsystems – one of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies at one time, before it was destroyed by the India Inc invasion in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.


DXC Technology, focus of ‘largest jobs’ deal in New Orleans, to return some incentives for missed goals