NJ has long been taken over by armies of the Indian Mafia.

Invaders with an invasion agenda move in, take over, then block enforcement of Federal law that might limit their takeover.

Can’t have any prosecution of India Inc and all their fake illegal H-1Bs now can we?

New Jersey Asian Pacific American Lawyers Association” sounds pretty racist to us.

This clown should be arrested for violating his oath of office.

Obstructing justice is a Federal crime, and Grewal is guilty of doing so.

Why hasn’t he been arrested?

No wonder 44% of all NJ residents plan to leave the state – with criminals like this running things.

The simple fact is the Indian Mafia is taking over the US – legally or not.


“Early life and career

Grewal is the son of Indian immigrants to the United States. He grew up in Fairfield Township, Essex County, New Jersey and graduated from West Essex High School.[4] Grewal received his B.A. degree from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. He received his J.D. degree from William & Mary Law School and graduated in 1999.[5] He has served as president of the South Asian Bar Association of New York and a member of the New Jersey Asian Pacific American Lawyers Association“.[6]

AND Grewal is linked to Chris Christie – who was formerly linked to convicted India Inc mob boss Sarvesh Dharayan. NJ is possibly the most corrupt state in the US, thanks to the Indan Mafia takover + invasion.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie nominated Grewal to lead the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office in 2013″.

Why do we continue to import criminals from the 3rd world who take over and subvert our gov’ts?

India Inc mob boss Sarvesh Dharayan, left, was convicted of bribery in NY and sent to Federal prison. He also had ties to NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

Years ago tech blogger Tunnel Rat blogged about Sarvesh and Christie. In fact, Sarvesh responded by trying to sue Tunnel Rat into oblivion – and shut his blog down (an attempt which failed).

The India Inc mafia sure knows how to roll, don’t they?


Desi Pimp That Shut Down This Blog Busted For Bribery, Money Laundering, etc.