Wipro Scouts for Israeli Technologies

Well, the white collar organized industrial-trade-secret stealing Premjis are at it again. Not content to just loot out America, now they’re after Israel too.

Why bother to build anything of your own when you can just steal from others?

It’s how India rolls.,7340,L-3775401,00.html

“New York-listed, Bangalore, India-based IT company Wipro Ltd. is interested in investing in Israeli companies and technologies”.

Yeah we bet you are, you industrial thieves.

When you hear “investment” coming out of an Indian businessman’s mouth, know that it really means takeover. These people are here to steal trade secrets, move them back to India, and use them in their own companies. Cash in had for strapped “entrepreneurs” means it’s easy to take them over, strip them of what they’re developing, and move it back to India.

Once you invest, they have to allow your foreign looter workers in.

Since all you do is attach yourselves to others like parasites, it would appear it is India which does not have the talent, Mr. Premji.