Aside: Wage Gains: Blue-Collars Beat White-Collars in Trump’s Economy – Breitbart

That’s because the H-1B white collar genocide program hasn’t been stopped or ended as promised. In fact, it’s gotten bigger.

The simply truth is bankers who run the system will never allow Americans to work in enough high-paying white collar jobs to increase the tax base enough to allow the people to pay off their debts.

There is no free-market, everything is manipulated by the central bank, and Wall St.

Americans must be kept poor, or else bankers are out of business. Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business.

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime under US law.

But that is exactly what the elites are engaging in.

Also note that on average, even good-paying blue collar jobs pay less than white collar jobs – so improving blue collar jobs will not raise the tax base as much as improving white collar jobs would.

Gotta keep the slaves poor, and in line.