Now that Eric Weinstein has been exposed, he’s backpedaling

Arrest Alan Greenspan.

You may recall a few years ago when mathematician (and now VC) Eric Weinstein got caught red-handed on Twitter explaining to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff that H-1B visas were created to drive down wages and limit American workers’ bargaining power:

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime in the US.

Now that this blog and others have exposed the criminal wage-fixing, he’s backpedaling real fast. He’s now in favor of, or appears to be in favor of, more pay for scientists and mathematicians. Mostly because he is one, but more likely because populism is now the way the wind blows.

And one of his tweets finally confirms what we have been saying all along: the American tech workforce was attacked by other American elites out of pure jealousy. What kind of country destroys its most booming important industry and workforce merely because it’s elites are jealous children?

FL attorney Sara Blackwell retweeted:


Or maybe because tech and science are really hard work – requiring near 24/7 work and 80 hour work weeks to develop all the new toys everyone else now enjoys.

Should the top 1% of a country’s best workers who produce everything make the same as janitors? Even Dr. Weinstein knows that’s insane.

Only morons (such as IQ82 Indians) would work 80 hours a week for low pay.

No sane person would put in that kind of time and comittment only to be kicked in the teeth for it.

It was former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan who started this illegal market tampering in the late 1990’s.

The American people now demand his arrest and prosecution.

Americans know bankers are overpaid too – but no one attacks and stops their industry. Do they?