Laid-off IT workers plan to sue UC San Francisco as jobs outsourced to India

Nice try there tech workers, but as history over the past 25 years has shown us, very few lawsuits over H-1B replacements ever win – especially in CA.

These workers should have studied the history of such lawsuits better. Guy Santiglia did this way back in 2000 when the invasion began at a then-great company called Sun Microsystems – which replaced all its American tech workers with H-1Bs from India and China.

Santiglia lost the case of course, as did the SoCal Edison replaced workers, as did the Disney workers.

Sun Microsystems was destroyed in 2002 as a result of the invasion, but that is ancient history by now.

The corporate-gov’t combine is one entity. They are a big business running the world as a big business – for themselves.

If you think the courts are for the people, or for justice, you are delusional.

They exist for just us, not justice.

While it’s good to keep perservering, we expect the workers will lose this case too.

No one opposes the combine, or the Indian Mafia and wins. Especially not in a CA courtroom.

“Laid-off IT workers plan to sue UC San Francisco as jobs outsourced to India About a dozen UC San Francisco tech workers have protested on their last day over the university’s decision to lay off 20 percent of its IT staff, and outsource their work to a company in India.

“There are many, many ways to save money,” Bob Zhang, who spent 20 years as a programming analyst at the university, the Mercury News on Tuesday, at the peaceful protest which included lawyers and union supporters at the UCSF offices.

University of California administrators said the university is under financial strain. It has a $5.4 billion annual budget and is planning to raise student tuition, but top executives in the IT department are in line for a substantial bonus“.

This page on UCSF shows amin salaries range between $79,000 and a whopping $701,000 per year.

If UCSF has a financial strain, it’s the huge admin salaries that are causing it.

As usual, the combine’s jealous elites are siphoning off the just pay of the workers, and pocketing it themselves.

They’re not about to allow a worker to make more than they do.