Expect More Lawsuits And Restrictions On H-1B Visas In 2020

Former Immigration lawer and cheap labor shill Stuart Anderson sure are in a huff.

They’re just livid that their illegal wage-fixing cheap labor systems is crashing down around their ears.

The truth is, the H-1B visa program was illegal from day one since it harms American workers. Contrary to popular opinion, the US has very strict immigration laws. Under Title 8, it is illegal to even admit any foreign worker to the US for any kind of work, skilled or unskilled – if doing so harms American workers.

We wonder if Mr. Anderson has ever even read Title 8 at all.

“In a stable policy environment that adheres to the law and regulations, H-1B denial rates should be extremely low, since, given the time and expense, companies and attorneys only submit applications for individuals they believe meet the legal requirements“.