Why Immigration Is So Important In The Global Race For Talent – Forbes

Except that the people who built all the modern industries and technologies are Americans, for the most part, and not immigrants.

Can you name one single programming language invented by Indians or Chinese?

Even Ruby was invented by a Japanese person.

And even he is the rare exception.

Forbes of course, as usual is lying.

It’s all about the biz-lobby’s lust for cheap labor at all costs. Immigration drives down wages, and via work visas keeps workers captive.

Americans are training these foreign dolts, before they are illegally replaced.

Not to mention the rest of the immigrants are foreign industrial spies here to get into our companies and steal all our trade secrets.

More international socialist propaganda.

India and China want the tech industries America has, but it doesn’t want the risk, or have to put up the capital and hard work to develop them.

That’s the job of Americans.