Seattle Chamber of Commerce CEO, key figure in city’s Amazon debate, announces Congressional bid

The good ol’ boy biz network sure has it all wrapped up.

The biggest lobby in DC – the Chamber of Commerce pays off US pols to make sure the cheap labor pipeline keeps flowing.

Businesses, of course, are members of the Chamber – which represents their interests.

But an even better rigged system is for the biz people to get Chamber people into Congress. That way when the immigration bills come up which allow the cheap labor system to continue, the pols will vote in favor of more immigration, which drives wages through the floor.

Pols get lobbying cash, biz gets cheap labor, even the Chamber people make out with free dinners, cars, and other perks which they write off on the Chamber’s books. Chamber people never pay for their own stuff, the Chamber pays for it.

So not just a biz/lobby racket, but if you’re an American business, why not just make sure your Chamber lobbyist buddies get placed into Congress to make sure all votes go your way.

It also allows huge powerful corporations such as Amazon to evade Federal prosecution and waivers on regulation, say on oh, maybe projects such as new satellites – since all those congresspeople who sit on all those subcomittees are in their pockets.

Nothing free about this market – it’s all totally rigged.

You better believe not just Amazon, but Boeing is behind this too. Probably Microsoft too – all big Seattle companies.

What a racket.

This is market manipulation, which is illegal under US law.

American workers get jack.

But it gets even better:

“Strickland joined the Chamber in 2018 and oversaw a high-profile bid to elect a new slate of Seattle City Council members last month. Amazon donated $1.45 million to help the Chamber promote its chosen candidates in a move that received national attention and is largely considered to have backfired”.

Amazon even has the City Council members wrapped. That way when Amazon wants to build a new building or project, needs city approval, or faces some city fine or regulation, ol’ Jeff just picks up the phone, makes a few phone calls, and the deals are done.

Right, Jeff?

We all know it is you and not the Chamber who is putting Strickland in congress. Dollars to donuts she wins – given all the bucks you have.

That’s quite a system you have going there.

Everything is a (rigged) rich man’s trick.