US should not obstruct flow of talent from India: Jaishankar on H-1B visa – US Tech Workers

What talent?

Boeing? Federal Reserve direct deposit shutdown?

Destruction of Sun Microsystems and Lehman?

Collapse of the US economy in 2002 and 2008?

Thanks, but we don’t need talent like that.

The H-1B visa program is a US law for the use of US companies.

The US can do anything it wants – including restrict or end it any time it wants, or in any way it wants.

India has no say in the matter.

The H-1B visa program does not concern or belong to India.

Who does this clown Jaishankar think he is?

The US is not your cookie jar, India.

Smells like an unregistered foreign agent to us.

Stop the foreign control and foreign manipulation of the US gov’t now.

Indian Mafia Incs have been obstructing the flow of American tech talent into US tech companies for over 20 years. What goes around comes around, thief.

We’ve had quite enough of your looting.

Unregistered foreign agent – Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar