Why is India’s Tech Mahindra buying up so many US PR agencies?

The answer, of course is quite simple: so it can more easily pump fake PR lies such as “skills shortage” into US media, without having to hire an outside PR agency.

Few Americans know India Incs took control of Neilsen Ratings in Oldsmar FL years ago – and got Lou Dobbs off CNN by destroying his show’s ratings – because he exposed the H-1B Indian Mafia on national TV.

It should be illegal for any foreign power to buy any US media or PR company.

Japan has such laws for example – limiting foreign ownership or control of all media companies to 5% max.

Since PR/ad/news agencies can be used as propaganda weapons by foreign powers, it is simply too much of a threat to allow them to fall into foreign hands.

We’re being silently conquered + propagandized by India – via fake PR.

Tech Mahindra Snaps Up US-based Digital Agency Mad*Pow

Neilsen Ratings in Oldsmar, FL. Invaded and taken over years ago by India Incs in order to maipulate US media ratings to India‘s advantage. Note except for the one white American about to be replaced, every worker in the photo is Indian – which is illegal under at least 3 Federal laws. India now controls US media. This should be illegal in the US but isn’t. No foreign power should have any control of any kind over any US media.