How any fraudster such as twice-failed and sued former tech CEO Vivek Wadhwa can continue to get away with employment (and become a tenured professor) while making totally bogus statements like this is beyond us.

Anyone with even an inkling of Silicon Valley’s history knows Sculley nearly destroyed Apple – and got Steve Jobs fired. Jobs hated him with a passion saying “You’re all wrong for Apple”.

Sculley, convincing the board to oust Jobs nearly killed the company. It went from one failed CEO after another and went further and further into decline after Jobs got canned. If Jobs had not returned 12 years later to save it, it would probably not exist today.

In fact, after Steve’s death in 2011, Sculley went on record as saying “We should have found a way to make Steve CEO“.

Fraudhwa, as he is better-known is either in mega PR history-rewrite mode, or else is even dumber than we first thought.

He was once sued for misrepresentation by a tech company, Relativity Technologies, which he conned into letting him be its CEO. He almost ran the company into the ground.

Now Sculley’s hooking up with some Indian healthcare startup – RxAdvance. We’ll have to keep an eye on it and see if it becomes the valley’s next Theranos – don’t forget Elizabeth Holmes had an Indian co-founder too (who turned out to be a fraudster). Some of the vids on RxAdvance’s website show near all-Indian workers – a violation of Federal law.

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