Indiana governor Eric Holcomb welcomes Infosys, announces visit to India

Ah yes, the ol’ junket to India racket.

Holcomb learned well from the Clintons how to play the foreign cash payoff game.

When you see US pols taking biz trips to India, you know some backdoor money is changing hands.

Most of our pols are taking cash from foreign powers.

They have to physically do it off US soil to evade US laws. ‘Black Money’ is legendary in India.

It’s that simple.

That makes them unregistered foreign agents, including the Indiana governor.

We need new laws outlawing all foreign lobbying now.

And we need full investigations into any US pol who works with Indian organized crime.

The Indian Mafia sucks the life out of America with these fake “innovation hubs” opened around the US.

They move in, kick Americans out of their jobs, get H-1Bs in to be trained illegally, then move all the jobs back to India. As an added bonus, the illegal H-1Bs then remit all their US dollar paychecks back to India, which is worth a king’s ransom.

Nothing ever comes of the innovation hype, however – India has never innovated anything – and all the US gets is job loss, industrial theft, and collapsed economies.

The governor even went so far as to say IN is now the best place to innovate in the country.

Do you know of any innovations that have come out of IN?

InfoSys is a proven organized crime syndicate – having been convicted of underpaying workers and tax evasion in CA.

Why is the governor of Indiana doing business deals with convicted mobsters – unless of course he is one himself.

India of course has one and only one intent – to suck the US dry, make sure Americans are thrown out of work, and to steal US jobs and export dollars. These people regularly boast their goal is conquest of America.

Expect to see tent cities popping up in IN soon.

“The governor, credited with initiating a series of steps to make Indiana a business friendly destination, said, “Indiana’s become the best place in the country to create and innovate.”

And “that’s why this partnership, with not just Infosys but the other companies that we discussed, are so important. Because it is the future. This knowledge economy is the future and it’s exciting to launch new efforts here on Hoosier soil,” Holcomb told PTI.

He said he started working towards attracting Indian companies to his state on his inauguration itself when he met Indian Ambassador to the US Navtej Sarna, who attended the event.