NASSCOM is 3rd largest tech lobbyist in the US

This is an outrage.

No wonder Americans can’t find jobs.

India now controls much of US gov’t policy.

NASSCOM and all the other Indian lobbies are unregistered foreign agents.

We need new laws banning all foreign lobbying now.

No wonder DHS won’t enforce US immigration law – they’re being paid off by India. So is the US Dept. of Labor.

And former Microsoft lobbyist Spencer Abraham is back at it again too.

Email Abraham and ask him why he’s an unregistered foreign agent.

India now dictates US immigration policy.

Just whose gov’t is this?

“IT industry body Nasscom was the third biggest spender on lobbying on immigration and advocacy in the US in 2019, as per data from research group Microsoft topped the list, pouring $7.8 million on lobbying efforts, followed by Cognizant, which spent $1.7 million.

Nasscom spent $510,000, compared to $700,000 in the year before. The top agencies lobbied by Nasscom include the department of commerce, education, department of homeland security, and department of labour“.