New report points to massive immigration issue

What is going on in America is not immigration – it’s invasion. Far bigger than the cheap labor invasion in the 1920s which contributed to the Great Depression.

And it’s been going on for over 20 years.

A horde the size of NJ is being admitted to the US every year.

No country can survive this scale of invasion.

Our pols are selling us out to foreign powers for $. It’s that simple. Most of them are selling their offices in back room deals to foreign lobbyists. That’s the ugly truth.

And if they are so temporary then why do a million a year file for green cards and never leave?

There is nothing temporary or non-immigrant about these invaders.

That means the US must be taking in at least 10 million foreign people every year. Not the “1.5 million” immigrants we hear about – and not the 65,000 H-1B visas we are supposedly admitting.

It’s a tidal wave of 10 million – per year.

This is stealth invasion and takeover. Ancient Rome did the same thing – import cheap foreign labor en massé – and it led to the empire’s downfall because it eventually balkanized the empire and broke up its strength and unity.

This is America’s fate if this isn’t ended soon.

We need to end all foreign lobbying now – groups such as, NASSCOM, USIN-PAC, and Immigration Voice – need to be outlawed.

“In FY 2018 the State Department issued 9 million temporary visas to nonimmigrants. That staggering number is roughly equivalent to New Jersey’s population“.