Trump Denounced for Doing Nothing as AT+T Moves to Outsource Thousands of Jobs in 2020

Trump was elected to end this very thing.

Nothing has been done, nothing will be done.

Trump lied.

Send the DHS + ICE in with handcuffs to every single India Inc staffing company in the country, arrest all the resume theives, arrest anyone who replaced an existing skilled American in a job, then arrest the CEO of any American company who engages in this kind of visa fraud.


Anything less is a crime on the American people, Mr. Trump – and you are enabling that crime.

Is this really so hard Mr. President?

If it’s some American growing pot somewhere, or some other Federal crime, a goon squad would pounce on them and they’d be in jail in an instant.

So why is this massive, 10-million perpetrator crime on the American people continuing unabated, Mr. Trump?

Do you have any idea how many skilled Americans’ resumes are being stolen by India Inc staffing companies every day in this country, Mr. Trump?

Why is the AT+T CEO not being required to obey the “Buy American, Hire American” excutive order?

Why has he not been arrested for visa fraud?

Replacing skilled American workers with foreign workers is always illegal under Title 8 and H-1B laws, Mr. Trump.

“President Donald Trump is facing outrage from workers and labor rights advocates over his failure to take action as AT&T prepares to shift thousands of U.S. jobs overseas next year, despite reaping a massive windfall from the 2017 Republican tax law.

“They wouldn’t be doing it if I was president,” Trump said of corporate offshoring during a campaign rally in North Carolina in 2016″.

The lying windbag piece of garbage President we elected has lied and done the opposite of what he was elected to do. Corporations actually got a tax break to ship more jobs overseas.

Criminal H-1B visa fraud perp and AT+T CEO Randall Stephenson. Why has he not been arrested for visa fraud?