300,000 Alien Workers Paid an 8 Percent Bonus Because They Are Not Americans

By David North on January 6, 2020

Though the press seems to keep it a secret, and the government permits it to continue, there are 300,000 or so alien workers in the United States who are given an 8 percent-plus bonus each year simply because they are neither U.S. citizens nor green card holders!

That sounds unbelievable, but it is true.

  • Does the U.S. government, in fact, reward some workers handsomely because they are not Americans?
  • Do their employers get an equal subsidy for hiring people who are not Americans?
  • Does this subsidy of more than 8 percent get taken out of the hide of America’s ailing and elderly?
  • Is this subsidy costing the Social Security, Medicare, and Federal-State Unemployment Insurance trust funds something like $3 billion a year?

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