Biden Complains Trump is Blocking World’s Poor from the US – Breitbart

Ah ha!

Biden finally just let slip the real reason for mass immigration to the US: international socialist wealth redistribution.

Well, Joe, under Federal law foreign workers have no rights in the US. In fact under Title 8, Section 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS, Subsection (5) they are all inadmissible to the US if doing so harms an American worker’s wages or working conditions.

So Joe, being the law-abiding, upstanding citizen you are, we’re quite sure you’re not in favor of violating US law are you?

How much cash, Joe, are you taking from foreign powers to violate our laws and keep our borders open illegally?


Your job is to represent the American people, not “the world’s poor”. US has no obligation to provide for the rest of the world. That’s their job in their own countries.

Why are you and your wife working for foreign powers Joe?

The problem with those tired, poor, huddled masses today Joe is that they hate us and want to take over our country and target Americans into joblessness and homelessness.

We’ve taken 50 million of them in since 1955, Joe.

How many should we take?

The whole world?