Congress Waves Through More Low-Skill Work Visas

And you can bet the cheap labor lobby US Chamber of Commerce was in on it. More lobbying. Ah yes, those good ol’ business groups. Businesses always get their way – even if it violates US labor laws – namely because they have their lapdog – and biggest lobby in DC – The US Chamber of Commerce – doing their backroom deals for them. Meanwhile American workers now enter their 5th decade of getting destroyed at the hands of their own gov’t.

Why do business groups think the economy is their chew toy for manipulating? The gov’t is supposed to represent the people, not solely business interests. DC has basically been turned into one big business for those who occupy it – selling their offices to anyone who will pay them.

Not ending the war on the American worker, Mr. Trump.

In fact it’s getting worse.

And what just happened is a violation of Title 8, Section 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS, Mr. Trump.

Why are you allowing more lawlessness in America?

“The carnival industry, among others, is upset that Nancy Pelosi & Co. didn’t adopt a requirement doubling the number of low-skill work visas in 2020.

But the show will most certainly go on. Dodging a straight-up vote to increase, Congress retained language authorizing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to double the cap.

In the meantime, the Department of Labor is doing its bit to recruit H-2B foreign laborers by hosting a government-administered job website. Employers seeking landscapers, construction crews, waitresses, forestry workers and even circus barkers (to name just a few) no longer need to place help-wanted ads in the communities they serve.

None of this is good news for America’s blue-collar workers”.