ICE Lure + Sting Indian Illegal Labor ‘OPT’ Traffickers – Breitbart

This is what happens when you open your borders to a criminal looting nation such as India. Harmless people, never comitted one crime, etc.

End OPT now. It’s all a fraud.

400,000 US jobs robbed every year.

And if ICE hasn’t done so yet, it better go have a look at, a racist, illegal, Indian-only OPT org.

“Several hundred Indian migrants have been sent home for violating visa rules, and several more are facing jail time for recruiting other Indians to the cash-for-work-permits sting.

Each year, roughly 400,000 so-called  “students” at U.S. universities get the valuable work permits — usually after providing a big check to the universities which require only a few hours of attendance per month. That work-permits-for-tuition-fees scheme is legal — providing the colleges and “students” keep pretending tuition fees are for education, not for work permits.

Taxpayer-aided university executives gain up to $40 billion a year in foreign sales for helping to divert 400,000 jobs, myriad opportunities, and a fortune in salaries from their indebted American graduates to the CPT and OPT contract workers.“.

Americans go into debt to get degrees and remain jobless, while 100,000’s foreign fake looters get jobs in America.

What sane nation would allow this?

Check out that clown in the back row, far left.