‘Indian IT unlikely to be US election issue this time’

Well it looks like the Indian Mafia got to Trump somehow.

He’s gone totally silent on H-1B and the Indian Mafia, which he promised to end when elected in 2016.

Silicon Valley remains occupied by India and China.

We don’t know what dirt the Indian Mafia has on Trump, but on H-1B they’ve shut him up big time.

India continues to occupy Silicon Valley and dictate US immigration policy against the will of the American people.

The India Inc organized crime syndicates sure don’t want any more talk of H-1B in this election or any other – have to keep it all hidden and covered up so the American people cannot learn the true cause of America’s economic ills.

Always the master manipulators, Indian Mafia wins again. They will simply wait until Trump is out of office, then go right back to looting America.

Trump whoops it up with his illegal unregistered foreign agent buddy Shbalah Kumar of

Silicon Valley remains occupied by illegal Y2K visa overstayers. Trump does nothing.