KUMAR EXCLUSIVE reports on illegal H-1B fees

“Daily victims writing emails, calling about it. Indians employers generally don’t pay salaries in USA. They spend that money to deal estate, Indian film actors, politicians, film actors turned politicians, TV anchors, films, caste meetings, TEMPLES in USA and what not”.

dheeraj p Hi sir, please let me know if any employer who can file a H1-b from India ? I can bare the cost. ·

Employer (H1B Petitioner) MUST pay SALARIES, not VENDORS|| Kumar Exclusive 1. paying h1b fees and taking h1b fees is crime. As per USCIS, both are criminals. 2 if you clear USA client interview, h1b is free. Otherwise you are unfit to do the job so those criminals charge money. 3 Step 1 clear USA client interview Step 2 any bodyshops come forward to file h1b free. If you pay money for jobs or visas means, you are unfit is what you need to think. Here you means generic you but not you. ·

KUMAR EXCLUSIVE H1b fees is $2400 to $4500 based upon the employees. h1B is free to file and should not be charged. I do not recommend any h1b employers. Because no Indian employer is filing free, they are charging $10,000 from applicants. Illegal.