Indian Mafia invades SoftBank

Is SoftBank suicidal?

After a string of massive billion-$ fails, one would think Masayoshi Son would learn, but apparently not.

Anyone want to bet he will be kicked out of his own company and SoftBank will be stolen by Indian Mafia the way they stole Microsoft, Google, and Adobe from the Americans who built it?

Former Google India interim head Vikas Agnihotri set to join SoftBank

“SoftBank’s India investment are led by Sumer Juneja, who was previously with Norwest Venture Partners, and had come on board in November last year. Vision Fund-1, which is managed by SB Investment Advisors, has already invested over $10 billion in Indian companies”.

In other words, throwing more $ down the India Inc song and dance rathole.

If they can steal Silicon Valley so easily, why not Japan too?