Sara Blackwell: ‘@realDonaldTrump You seriously must not know how h1b visa system is abused and is destroying millions of American lives’

Well unfortunately they are sleeping in tents under the overpass in San Francisco as all that Indian ‘brainpower’ in Seattle continues to destroy Boeing and drive the US econ into the ground.

Vote Trump out in Nov. He didn’t do his job, he’s fired. Simple.

Trump is working for India now, not the American people.
American brainpower training Indians and being illegally replaced @ the Federal Reserve Bank of NY
Delusional Indian brainpower sabotaging Americans in interviews.
Brainpower Trump sure loves to manipulate the prevailing wage for engineers down to 1/2 the market rate. That’s wage-fixing and is a Federal crime. And that means the President is now complicit.
Here is what all that…. brainpower…. has done to America.
It’s not about brainpower – it’s about wage-fixing as this Electronics for Imaging CEO was caught red-handed doing.
India’a HCL wage-fixing brainpower.
Boeing brainpower in India drives planes into the ground. In fact:
India’s brand of…. brainpower.
Indians are already doing that.
Unregistered foreign agent Senator from UT – Mike Lee