Why hostility to immigration runs so deep – Answers

More of the usual propaganda.

Let’s debunk it.

Why hostility to immigration runs so deep

“Why does the public seem to have an anti-immigration bias?”

Because immigrants stole all the good jobs created by Americans in the US economy. This is a simple fact. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Adobe were all built by Americans. You would be against immigration too if you worked 85 hours a week only to be thrown on the street and replaced after the companies you created were stolen from you.

“The bulk of the data shows that immigrants, at least in the U.S., are a healthy and positive force”.

The bulk of the data says immigrants have been a total disaster for America. Tax deficits only happened after immigrant invasions.
A damaging and unhealthy force. This did not exist in the US in 1998 – before the immigrant invasion.

“They are highly upwardly mobile”.

They are highly upwardly mobile off the backs of Americans and the good jobs they created. If someone hands you a pre-made $150K-year job in another country the instant you step off the plane, you’d be highly upwardly mobile too. Why aren’t the same people highly upwardly mobile in their own countries?

“They make outsized contributions to technology and industry”.

Which contributions would those be? Industrial theft? Moving good jobs out of the US? Not inventing a single Apple, Microsoft, or Google on their own? Most technology contributions in America came from Americans. That is a historical fact. Immigrants merely take over what Americans create.

No amount of bullhorning a lie will make a lie a truth.
Not contributing – merely taking over.

“They don’t push down the wages of native-born workers and in the case of high-skilled immigrants they even raise them”.

Sure looks like pushing down wages to us.
Real tech wages have been cut in 1/2 since 1998.

“They commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans”.

Oh really? H-1B visa fraud is rampant all over America. Tens of millions of jobs and resumes of Americans are being stolen by 1000s of fake India Inc bodyshops all over the US. Hardly a week goes by in the US without an arrest at an Indian bodyshop. Stop the lies.

“They pay plenty of taxes that help support local and state governments”

No they don’t. Millions of L-1 visa holders which India Incs bring in the by the millions pay no taxes, as Senator Diane Feinstein testified before congress in 2003.

Stop the lies.

“They revitalize dying small towns and blighted neighborhoods”.

No they don’t – they’ve turned once-beautiful CA and NY into hellholes 1/2 the states are now fleeing. There is trash everywhere in Silicon Valley, the state is a dump, and 1000s of small towns in the US are being turned into wastelands as the India Inc mafia gets trained and moves their jobs back to India.

“Why are so many Americans wary of what seems on paper like an unadulterated good?”

Because they’re woke to the NASSCOM looting propaganda and aren’t buying it anymore.

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