Michelle Malkin + Sara Blackwell drop H-1B bombshell movie

Michelle Malkin has released “Michelle Malkin Investigates: H-1B Hell“.

This bombshell movie exposes H-1B for the fraud it is.

“There is no shortage of skilled and qualified Americans”.

One insane Democrat politician from Maryland even went so far as to say “Maryland doesn’t have any H-1Bs”.

And surprise, surprise: H-1B and Title 8 violator Indian-national Sheela Murthy, an immigration lawyer, is exposed too. In fact, she’s now running the Maryland Chamber of Commerce – the biggest cheap labor lobby in the US.

Malkin and Blackwell are two great modern patriot heroines. If we had even 100 Americans who would take action as they have, H-1B would have been dead long ago.

Spread this movie everywhere you can.