No Matter How Much Money The Fed Prints, We Still Can’t Afford Nice Things | Zero Hedge

Meanwhile, big-ticket costs of living such as rent have skyrocketed: so how do we buy nice things if our wages are stagnant but the cost of essentials is rising? We borrow more money”.

Which is just the way the bankers want it in this fake “free” centrally-planned manipulated free market economy.

Just ask mastermind criminal wage-fixer Alan Greenspan who started wage leveling over 20 years ago:

Banks need to be able to keep people in debt to survive. Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business. Which is why weaponized immigration is being used to drive wages down.

Wage fixing and market manipulation are Federal crimes, but no one is going to go to jail.

Oh – and don’t worry, there’s no inflation, either.

Mass immigration drives prices up and wages down, the central bank manipulators know this very well.