Traveling Bankers Stunned By San Francisco’s Squalor – Zero Hedge

Well bankers, you were the ones who wanted to import hordes of cheap foreign labor driving Americans from their jobs everywhere.

People cannot have homes without having jobs.

You continue to demand cheap labor, the homeless and squalor will continue to get worse.

YOU are the cause.

Maybe homeless should all come to your homes and poop on your front doorsteps.

“All of those bankers who flocked to San Francisco this past week for the JP Morgan Health Care Conference were met with an unexpected – and wildly unappreciated – surprise.

This has transformed the city – which, with its burgeoning homeless population, is in the midst of a crisis – has been transformed into a feces-covered “slum” on par with Mumbai or Manila.”

No, tens of millions of Indians from Mumbai moving into Silicon Valley jobs driving Americans out of their jobs has transformed the bay area into a hellhole.

Don’t these elites realize it is their own cheap labor policies which are causing this mess?

Replace Americans with foreign H-1B workers, those Americans won’t be able to find jobs and will go homeless. Things go downhill from there.

In 1995 Peter Brimelow wrote a book called Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster in which he said “A nation takes on the characteristics of the people it imports“.

And now he has been proven right. San Francisco – which was a paradise and the envy of the world 20 years ago is now a 3rd world dump. Silicon Valley is occupied by millions of invaders from India, and they have brought their squalor with them.