Tata Urges 7th Cir. To Toss $420M Trade Secrets Verdict

Organized crime syndicate honcho Ratan Tata and his industrial spy crime company now operating worldwide is begging a US court to dump the massive $420 million fine on that company for stealing a billion worth of trade secrets from a US software company.

With tens of millions of these foreign industrial thieves in our country, it’s no wonder we’re losing our competitiveness to other nations.

Under the fake H-1B “high skilled immigrant” program, we’re being looted by these thieves – millions of them.

Trump promised to put an end to it, but didn’t, and it continues.

America cannot survive this.

America will fall if this is not stopped.

Now beggar criminal Ratan Tata just wants the whole thing to go away so his crime spree won’t be scrutinized any longer, and so he can keep all his ill-gotten gains.

And never forget – it was the Clinton crime family which enabled all this.

Pay up you looters.

Birds of a feather flock together – in this case criminal ones.

TATA founder and internationally wanted criminal, Ratan Tata. Master industrial thief.