Death For $: Offshoring Can Lead to the Death of People, Jobs and America

“In the case of the two Boeing airplanes that crashed and killed 100’s of people from all over the world, the executives made millions in dollars in exchange for the lost lives. In addition to saving on quality labor costs, Boeing was awarded $22 billion worth of Indian military contracts for contracting away these vital jobs to go to India. This was Boeing’s largest order from an Indian airline. Also, in 2005, Boeing promised to invest $1.7 billion dollars in Indian companies in exchange for an $11 billion dollar order from Air India. As a result, Boeing’s experienced and long-time employees in America were fired and the jobs went to less experienced and less qualified workers in India. HCL Technologies Ltc., Cyient, and other Indian software companies benefited from this Boeing deal; Americans workers lost”.

And HCL was BANNED by the FAA years ago from ever working on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In fact, HCL work rejected by the FAA was one of the prime reasons delivery of the planes were late. Boeing was sued by several airlines over that delay.

Even worse, most Americans do not know incompetent Indian outsourcers are now working on our air traffic control systems nationwide – which means entire flight paths of 1000’s of planes daily might be affected or fail.