From a reader…

  1. The employer has 100 H-1Bs.
  2. Took $6000 to file h1b, in-house project.
  3. Demanded June to Oct 2019 $1,650 for employer taxes and his taxes
  4. June July August he run fake paychecks
  5. Sept 2019 to 2020 working at a client in PA.
  6. Client- Prime Vendor- Middle vendor – Employer- H1b
  7. He brought new employer and the middle vendor ex-employer harassing him.
  8. Ex. Employer saying pay $40,000 as lost contract and he is threatening him to leave USA as he informed DOL etc.
  9. He filed a law case so you must leave USA is threatening his uncle and him.
  10. His uncle friend is the employer.