Trump works for India, not for American workers.

Worse, they’re working on a NAFTA-style free trade agreement with India which would remove all restrictions on Indian workers flooding into the US.

Where is Trump’s meeting with US tech workers under the American Worker Advisory he set up years ago?

Never happened.

But when Modi squaks, Trump jumps.

Kusher must have the Pres on MKULTRA meds or something.

“The deal, whose legal vetting is underway, will be signed during US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, and is a precursor to a free trade agreement between the two nations, officials in the know of the plans said”.

India will get unlimited US tech jobs stolen from Americans, US gets to sell India almonds.

That’s right – almonds.

Not America First, India First.

Make America Indian Again.

Right Mr. Trump?

Trump himself is an unregistered foreign agent of the Modi gov’t of India.

Stealing Silicon Valley