Indian Mafia rejoices over IBM takeover

That’s really odd because every one of those companies listed including IBM was built by Americans.

Takeover does not equal job creation.

Anyone can walk in and take over.

India never builds anything, just takes over.

Anyone can be successful if they hand you a huge US corporation built by Americans.

And in the 20+ years IBM has been 71% Indians, it has been sued many times for failed projs – including by 3 US states for over $100 million each.

Discrimination @ IBM in NY – 100% Indians. Illegal. Where is the EEOC Prakash?

Failureshop IBM India – 100% Indians. Other races are not allowed to work there. Total discrimination.

If 20 years and 71% Indians didn’t make IBM work then why should we reward them with 800,000 green cards so they can stay here forever and wreck even more US companies?

American companies need more American workers, not more failed Indians.

Americans build the companies, Indian Mafia takes them over.

Sorry Prakash, but as usual, you’re wrong again.

The only discrimination going on is bills that give 95% of all green cards to India, and India Inc staffing companies that target Americans for removal from the job market.

More jobs will be stolen by India.

Who built Google? Americans did as this photo shows:

Google’s original team was at most 3 Indians. The rest were Americans. Susan Wojcicki, (far left) is now CEO of YouTube – which was also built by Americans. Silicon Valley was built by Americans, but has been stolen by India – perhaps the biggest heist in all of US history.

Except that S386 is racist and discriminates against anyone who is not Indian.

Indian Mafia hypocrites mob Senator Mike Lee, demanding nearly unlimited green cards for India. Totally racist + discriminatory.

Indian-only racist failure loot shop Wipro, which destroyed Lehman in 2008 and defames skilled American tech workers. Total discrimination. This kind of behavior is why S386 must never be allowed to pass. It is India who is doing the discriminating. This is totally illegal under US law.

Who is really doing the discriminating in America?