Open borders leftist NPR of course is in favor of more job robbers, but in all liklihood, this is really a paid NASSCOM PR piece.

NASSCOM is very active in hiring US PR firms to pump all kinds of “labor shortages” lies into US media.

Their PR firms get them into place such as NPR to pump these lies.

Wonder how much $ NPR is taking from NASSCOM, a foreign lobbyist, or their PR agencies to pump these lies.

Time for a full boycott of NPR folks.

Selling out U.S. Tech Workers

By Joe Guzzardi, Patch Contributor
Jan 31, 2020 3:58 am ET

Alarmist NPR Cheerleads for More Foreign Workers

“Let’s start at the beginning. Securing an employment-based visa to enter the United States to work should be hard, far more difficult than it has been during the last 30 years. If the Trump administration is making the visa process harder, then that’s a good thing. Visas translate into jobs that either displace existing American workers or deny recent university graduates a fair shot at open positions because incoming foreign-born labor is cheaper and therefore more appealing to employers”.