“Growth” is codeword for cheap-labor. Biz groups love to make things sound good, but they’re only after their own interests.

This is more cheap labor agenda, that’s all it is.

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime and most “business groups” should be arrested immediately.

Business leaders are colluding to rig wages in the US, and that is a Federal crime.

Market tampering to set prices is always illegal under Federal law.


“WASHINGTON, Jan. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ –As immigration reform remains in gridlock, a new report from a nonpartisan think tank whose membership is comprised of top-level business executives calls on policymakers to enact various changes to bolster America’s workforce and economic might. Published by the Committee for Economic Development of The Conference Board (CED), recommendations from the public policy think tank include streamlining the visa process to strengthen the country’s attractiveness to the most in-demand foreign workers, and increasing economically motivated offers of permanent residence”.

Economic might? The US is dying – losing its competitiveness to India and China as millions of H-1B job robbers from those countries get trained in America and take the jobs home.

And thanks for admitting there is nothing temporary about these workers – they’re being resettled here by giving them jobs created by Americans.

$22 tril in debt and 50 million uncounted, unemployed Americans is not “economic development”.

ced.org’s own site has an article about the zooming US debt. In 1998 before the invasion of these great foreign workers, the US had a tax surplus. 20 years of these people has not helped keep the US competitive, and has only driven us into debt. Let’s stop repeating the same mistakes for a 3rd decade.

This one is a real winner:

“Make the H-1B visa’s pathway to permanent residence more predictable and attractive for in-demand workers by enabling visa holders to nominate themselves for permanent resident status and offering temporary work authorization for spouses of visa holders on track for permanent residence”.

So temporary workers will be able to come in, and just decide they want to stay. This is mass resettlement, not temporary guests.

Greedy US businessmen will gladly sabotage the entire nation for profit.

ced.org needs to be investigated for racketeering.

Big Biz Codex

“Immigration reform” – open borders.

“Think-tank” – collusion.

“Top-level business executives” – greedsters.

“policymakers” – lapdogs for big biz in DC.

“bolster America’s workforce” – replace Americans with cheap labor.

“streamlining the visa process” – no limits on foreign workers.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans, not by foreign workers.