That’s right you racists. We know you hate white people and are operating illegally in the US to replace them with illegal Indians.

HCL of course is an acronym for “Hire Crappy Labor”, as Boeing found out the hard way.

HCL Technologies Ltd. must explain whether it was required to comply with federal contractor affirmative action requirements to workers who sued claiming it exploited the U.S. government’s H-1B and L-1 visa programs to hire South Asians, the Northern District of California ruled.

HCL Registration Link for Freshers (2013/2014/2015/2016 ...

At HCL it’s 100% Indians only. Where is the EEOC?

HCL Mega Recruitment For Freshers/Experienced/Any ...

HCL – 100% Indians only. This company should be banned from ever doing business in the US again. Nazi-level racism.

HCL to open unit in State capital - The Hindu

HCL only hires Indians – a violation of 3 Federal laws.

HCL Signs MoU with Government of Andhra Pradesh to Open IT ...

HCL – 100% Indians. The 3rd person from right is a known Nazi Hindutva racist.

Training Room... - HCL Technologies Office Photo ...

HCL training room – 100% Indians.

HCL Madurai | Thara Local Dance Performance - YouTube

Indians sure love doing their stupid little dances at work – in this case at HCL Madurai. No wonder Boeing planes are crashing. They sure are hard working, aren’t they?