Looks like 20 years of massive foreign worker invasion hasn’t been good for America.

In fact, they’re destroying our economy.

These people have not performed as advertised.

Let’s see if we can make this as simple as possible for the big-biz backroom deal system that runs DC. Either they are the dumbest gov’t in history, or else they’re too busy taking bribes from big biz for cheap labor to fix the country.

Here’s the problem you idiots:

  • When you drive wages down and oversupply the labor force you drive prices up and the tax base down.
  • With a lower tax base you have to borrow $ to make up the difference.
  • More foreign workers does not grow the economy because they are here only fore remittances and moving our jobs and industry back to their countries.
  • That does not increase the economy, it decreases it.
  • Indutrial espionage by foreign powers is destroying the US.
  • Foreign worker programs are the prime conduits for industrial espionage.
  • Tens of millions of foreign workers have failed to perform as promsied for 22 years.
  • Stop doing what has been proven to not work for 22 years.

In 1998 when American workers ran the economy the US had a tax surplus, a booming economy, no homeless, no suicide, no drug problems, and no problems in general.

All you have to do to fix the country is close the borders, end all foreign work programs now, and put Americans back to work.

But you won’t do that gov’t, will you – because you’re all taking cash from the cheap-labor biz lobby to make sure the cheap foreign labor pipeline continues.