The great H-1B visa farce – The Hindu

Indeed. The entire program is a sham.

It needs to be shut down and ended now.

“There is something profoundly strange about Nirupama Rao’s recent attempt to assert—as a solution to the existential threat that now faces the Indian IT industry— that Indian IT companies are good and honest U.S citizens that play ‘a vibrant role in American communities’.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, however. As Indian Ambassador to the U.S, Ms. Rao’s >recent editorial in American newspaper USA Today tries to highlight how a ‘win-win situation’ is still possible, even in the face of impending crisis”.

Why are the smartest people in the world suddenly in a crisis due to something as small and restricting their work visas to the US?

After all, they are supposed to be the undisputed tech geniuses of the world with all that….. brainpower.

Why can’t India just create its own IT economy with top software products everyone wants? Why is India in a total panic now that it is being cut off from America?

Perhaps they’re not as smart as we’ve been led to believe.

Isn’t that right Mr. Premji?

“Ah, they’re on to us”.