Caterpillar Post Biggest Drop In Over 3 Years As North America Plunges

Add the next victim to the India Inc mafia.

Caterpillar outsourced to India Incs years ago and lost its mfg. secrets to India’s Tech Mahindra – which now sells tractors cheaper in the US.

Caterpillar is done, because US farmers will buy Mahindra’s tractors instead.

This is how foreign powers are plowing the US under: get their outsourced workers into our companies, steal our secrets, put 100% tariffs on our products sold in their countries, then sell their stuff here cheaper putting our companies under.

Anyone still think globalization is good for us?

By Caterpillar, you made the same fatal mistakes as Boeing, Lehman, and Sun Microsystems.

Too bad for you.

Globalization eventually is going to create another Great Depression in the US as every US company is slowly consumed.