Sky is falling: US Talent Shortage Hits a Record High, With 69% Employers Struggling to Find Workers

Nearshore Americas pumps the lies again.

All of these looters who lust after US jobs know it is illegal to import workers on H-1B unless there is an actual shortage.

In fact, in the US there are tens of millions of US citizens of working age who are still unemployed and not counted in the DOL data.

This shortage shouting PR propaganda has been going on for 22 years, ever since India’s NASSCOM hired DC PR/lobby firm Hill + Knowlton to pump worker shortage lies into US media in 1998.

If any US company posts a job ad today, they get 1000’s of applicants with qualified resumes.

Stop the lies, stop the invasion.

There is a surplus of labor in the US, not a shortage.

This nonsense is just an excuse to flood the US with more cheap foreign labor.

The H-1B/Title 8 labor violator Manpower is a criminal organization – proven to illegally replace existing skilled American workers with foreign workers in companies such as Adobe and others.

No “study” by such criminals can be taken seriously.

Nearshore Americas is just an India Inc propaganda site.

“Skilled workers are in control, and companies need to understand people’s priorities to compete,” Frankiewicz added.

Jealous business execs just don’t like any employees they cannot control. It’s that simple. Foreign workers on work visas can’t quit or change jobs for better pay – a further illegal market manipulation. Fixing or manipulating prices or wages in the US is a Federal crime under US law. But that is exactly what foreign work visas allow US execs to do.

American workers want more time to themselves because they saw what happened after working 80 hour weeks for 3 decades to build Silicon Valley – they got kicked to the curb + replaced as thanks.

American workers have wised up. No one is going to put in that kind of time only to be kicked in the teeth. Americans have more important things to do with their time than make some scumbag execs rich.

Jig is up, elite.