Sky is falling: Immigrants Flock To Canada, While US Declines

Former immigration lawyer Stuart Anderson @ Forbes is at it again.

The immigrants are fleeing, oh noes, and now the sky is falling.

No, it’s Canada and India that are falling now.

The US has been in decline since 1998 – the same year foreign guest worker visas were increased. In 1998 the US was the world leader in manufacturing, tech, jobs, tax surplus, you name it – and was the envy of the world.

Not today.

22 years of non-performing foreign workers is what has led the US to decline. Everyone knows it, despite PR hype and international socialist rhetoric.

The US just got 6.1 million Americans off food stamps thanks to stopping the job robbery by H-1B invaders. Jobs are increasing for Americans, and our trade deficit with China has shrunk by 18% in just 3 years. Not bad.

India’s and Canada’s econs are collapsing. In fact, Canada is losing 70K jobs every month.

The reality is, Canada is going nowhere, and is experiencing a steep jobs decline since the invaders moved north.

And many of them hate Canada + are leaving to go back to India.

Stop the lies, Mr. Anderson.